Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders

Preacher curls 3×12
21s 3×21
Skullcrushers 3×12
Triceps kickbacks 3×12
Tricep push down 3×12
Shoulder flyes 3×12
Military press 3×12
Shoulder Press 3 x12


Quick and easy enjoy!

Leg Progress


I used the cable machine to do legs today.

Here’s my routine:

1. Cable deadlifts 4×12
2. Cable squats 4×12
3. Kettle bell squats 4×12
4. Kettle bell deadlifts 4×12
5. Hack squat 4×12 (heavy weight)

Then I usually do back when I do legs


1. Cable cross flyes 4×12
2. Lat pull downs 4×12
3. Cable row 4×12
4. Assisted pull ups 4×10
5. Bent over row 4×12

Back Today, nothing fancy. You can do it!


Back progress. I wish I would’ve taken more back shots before. I’ll try to find a picture because my back was never this defined. It might not be much. Today’s back work out was not a lot.

Lat Pulldowns 3 x 20
Cable Row 3 x 12
Hyper extensions 3 x 15

Anybody have any suggestions on more back work outs? Email me or comment. Or follow me on instagram @ruthlessphysique