I challenge you!!!

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2014-04-13 21.34.24If you are looking for more than a cleanse I challenge you to the 24 day challenge. I got amazing results and you can to. To learn about the challenge and how it’s helped so many people on their fitness click here —>About the challenge Click here to build your bundle –> 24 Day Challenge

These are my results with the challenge and I am still going strong!!

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Wide grip pull ups


This is my boyfriend doing some wide grip pull ups. They’re not easy but I suggest everyone learn how to do pull ups. It’s a great body weight exercise for your back, arms, and core. One of my new years resolution was to do pull ups flawlessly by the end of the year, so I went and  bought myself a pull up bar. I’m up to 1 pull up. 

The way I do them is by doing negatives. I jump and pull myself up and hold myself up for as long as a I could, afterwards I slowly come down and just hang. Try it!

Leg Progress


I used the cable machine to do legs today.

Here’s my routine:

1. Cable deadlifts 4×12
2. Cable squats 4×12
3. Kettle bell squats 4×12
4. Kettle bell deadlifts 4×12
5. Hack squat 4×12 (heavy weight)

Then I usually do back when I do legs


1. Cable cross flyes 4×12
2. Lat pull downs 4×12
3. Cable row 4×12
4. Assisted pull ups 4×10
5. Bent over row 4×12

The truth about over training.

‘High-frequency high-volume training is a tool that works best alongside proper nutrition, supplementation, and rest.’


For my peeps who only train one body part a week yall need to read this. Very informative.


HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and I am going to try a stairmaster version of it tonight. These types of exercises is what the name says. Interval training, or sprint interval training. In lameness terms you go really fast for a short period of time or really intense then you slow it down then you speed it up again. There’s many types of HIIT exercises but I’m doing a stairmaster version because Bella does this. HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise which obviously helps you gain more endurance. Most HIIT routines last about 7 to 20 minutes just make sure when starting out you do what you can. The reason people do this is because it helps with burning fat as well as giving them more athletic capacity. These types of routines also help with your metabolism, meaning it speeds it up making it easier to lose fat. This is the routine I’m starting of with. I found this on pinterest.


Hopefully I last, wish me luck guys!

What people think they need to do to be in shape.


It’s about your diet. You’re never going to get where you want just doing cardio! I hate when people say that they’re going to lose the fat by doing cardio then tone up! No what’s the point? So you can be all flabby afterwards then work twice as hard to get “toned”? All you need to do is get your heart racing and cardio is not always the best for that. Do some cardio and a lot of weight training. So while you’re losing the fat, you’re slowly letting your muscles start showing from behind that fat.  Or let me do you one better. Go do circuit training that will get your heart racing faster and help you lose fat effectively.

Guess how many times I do cardio? Once a week if not at all!! I have  effectively toned up by doing circuit training, eating right and weight training. I used to do cardio every day for a year straight and all I lost was a few pounds and still looked the same. If you’re running a marathon or a runner by all means cardio is for you but if you’re just trying to be fit and get fit there’s no reason to do cardio every day. Eat right and train hard!



Hello there! So this ab move I learned on insanity the asylum. I changed it up a bit and used a weight instead of bands. I am using an 8 pound weight. You can use whatever is comfortable for you. What you do first is you have to hold your legs up like the bottom picture and make sure you feel it on your lower abs. While your legs are straight up hold the weight up too. Make sure you have your toes pointed up. After that, crunch in your knees to your chest. Making sure they stay in a 90 degree angle. While you crunch in your knees bring the weight down. Do these two moves simultaneously. If you need any help let me know.