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Nighttime Recovery

Nighttime Recovery

I work out 5 times a week and I don’t have time to slow down. This little gem helps me get through the soreness, and the tiredness. As a student, employee and body builder I hardly have time to get a full 8hrs of sleep like some people do. So night time recovery helps me get through the struggle.

Work your legs out more than once a week!

Hey fitfam!

First and foremost I would like to say I have some good news and some bad news! So the good news is that I got accepted into Dominguez Hills University and will be working on my personal trainer certificate. The bad news is that I might not be able to update my blog all the time!

I wanted to write about how I am appalled that most people in the fitness community only work out their legs once a week. What kind of atrocity is this?! When I started weight training I started with working legs 3 times a week! I just did it because I decided I would do legs every other day. Every other day I would push my legs to their extremes. Keep in mind I do not come from an athletic background that used my legs for much. I used to be a cardio bunny, I never hit the weights. So of course this might seem excessive, but guess what I managed to work out my legs 3 times a week without a problem. Which brings me to my next point I decided to do my research on how often I should work my legs out and I found that most people recommended once a week. Once a week!!!! So here I am thinking I doing over kill with 3 times a week, but I got to thinking if I can do it then why not!!

I am not saying everyone should work out their legs 3 times a week all I am saying is that everyone should work out their legs at LEAST twice a week. Twice a week!! These are my reason’s why:

1. If it isn’t obvious enough why wouldn’t you want to work out one of the biggest muscle groups of your body more than once a week. You use your legs for everything. It supports you, it guides, so why wouldn’t you want to make these muscles stronger and more agile!! Make sense right?!

2. Since it is one of the biggest muscle groups of your body and it supports your body when you work it out it burns calories!!! You want your body to keep burning calories even after you finish your workout. Well guess what, since you are working this muscle group good and hard, the next day you will probably be sore, meaning your body will use up more energy to move these muscles because they are fatigued, meaning more calorie burning, more fat burn!!

3. You get to eat more than normal. Since these muscles take out a lot from you, they obviously need more nutrition to be fed because they are fatigued, they are using more energy, meaning more food, food=energy!! Leg day is the day you actually need a good amount of carbs to keep your body sustained.

4. Don’t you want the lower body to go with the upper body? I can’t tell you how many times I have seen men and women with big upper bodies but then you look at their legs and it looks like they are struggling to hold the person up. You use your legs for everything. So make them strong for the support of the upper body!

If these are not reasons enough then I don’t know what else is. Of course some people are learning as they go but don’t limit yourself. How do you expect to get change or lose that extra weight, or just look fit if you don’t push your body. You never know what your body is capable of if you do NOT push it. Make it hurt, make it fatigued then give it the proper nutrition next thing you know next week your doing things you thought you could not do!!

Lastly I wanted to add when it comes to your lower body, lift heavy. Why would you work out one of the strongest and biggest muscle groups with 5 or 10 lbs. Do at least half your body weight. Your body can handle it. If you can’t then do a little less but never lift light. These are me recommendations. I am 5’1, 138 pounds, and lift heavy. If I can do it, you can do it.

By the way I am not a personal trainer, yet, haha but everyone’s body is different so I can’t say what works for me works for you, but I highly recommend working your legs more than once a week. Do one day a very heavy leg day emphasis on the quads and the second day do lighter and emphasis on say hammies.

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Leg Day Question


Fitfam, I have a question. I have currently been hitting legs 3 times a week. I have read a few blogs and forums and it says the max should be 2 days. I feel 3 day routine has been working for me. As you can see from this progress picture my quads are coming out. What do you all think? Is 3 days too much?

How to do a squat the right way

I can’t say this enough if you are not doing a squat the right way you can mess up your back and train your muscles the wrong way!

This is the correct way to do a squat. I got this from chicken tuna on instagram. Some of you might already know who she is but she knows what is up when it comes to squats.


Her IG name is on the picture so follow her! Anyway as you see in the picture that is the correct form for a squat. If you have any questions or need help feel free to email me at
By the way today I ended up doing Andreia Braziers leg routine and my legs are on fire!! Try it out.


The last line says 5 x 10. Do what you can. Happy Sunday!

Andreia Brazier Leg Routine


Oh lawddd geezus. This work out was a killer. If you’re a beginner. Andreia Brazier is another woman in the fitness industry I look up to and I found her routine on I’m the type of person who constantly likes trying new work outs and pushing myself so I always look new work outs to keep it fun. Working out is my passion now so you all enjoy. Btw if you’re a beginner start of with less sets and less repetitions. Have fun!


Today’s work out of the day consists of working out upper body. These work outs are easy to do and don’t reallt require a spotter.
1) Tricep Kickbacks 3 x 12


2) Triceps Cable Pressdown 3 x 12


Make sure to keep your elbows in with this one. Inside but don’t use your body to help only your triceps.

3) Tricep Dips 4 x 10


4) Lying Barbell Tricep Extensions 3 x 12


With this work out you can choose to use a barbell but you can also use dumbbells if it’s easier.
5) Push-ups 3 x 15

These are pretty self explanatory, if regular push ups are too hard you can do push ups with your knees on the floor.

6) Arnold Press 3 x 12
This is one of my favorites. These are a little hard to get so I posted a video.

Lastly do a 45 min incline on treadmill at 21 incline and 3 mph.

Enjoy! And remember these are Bella Falconi’s routine I just changed a few work outs.

Another Leg Day

Another Leg Day

Okay so today I did a combination of legs, abs and arms. I did more legs today because my legs were not that sore. I really want to build my legs up some more, so I am trying heavier weight and different types of leg work outs.
Today I did:
1) Arnold Press 3 x 15
2) Plate front raises 10lbs 3 x 15
3) Chest Press with leg extensions 3 x 20, then hold legs up for 30 seconds
4) Steps with knee 3 x 12
5) In and out squats no weight 3 x 20
6) Fast Body weight squat 3 x 20
7) Bulgarian Lunges 3 x 15 each leg (these work really good!)
8) Leg Press 3 x 15