Sweet Sweat

sweet sweatsweeat sweat waist trimmer

Hey ya’ll,

I’ve had a few people asking what sweet sweat is. Basically it’s considered a “workout enhancer” that speeds up and enhances sweat and circulation during a workout. It is supposed improve circulation, increase perspiration and fight muscle fatigue.

You can apply sweet sweat on fatty areas such as your butt, hips, upper arms and lower back.

It has white snow petroleum, kosher Brazilian carnauba wax, acai, pomegranate, coconut oil, kosher jojoba, camelina, squalane oils, aloe vera extract, vitamin E, and fragrance. You should only use it when you’re working out and don’t apply it over other lotions or creams.

My experience: I only use when I do cardio and sometimes while I am doing weights. I only apply it to my stomach. I like to wear it with with the sweet sweat waist trimmer. I feel like it makes me sweat even more.It does what it’s supposed to do and makes me sweat a lot, also I have a lost a few inches of my waist. Let me know you’re experience.