Shoulders and Calves


  1. Seated or standing barbell military press –  warm up sets(check out my previous post for the warm up) and then 3 working sets of 9-12 reps
  2. Side lateral raise – 3 working sets 9-12 reps
  3. Bent-over rear delt raise –  3 working sets of 9-12 reps


  1. Leg press calf raise – 3 sets of 8-10 reps
  2. Donkey calf raise – 3 sets of 8-10 reps

Let me know how you like this. Remember this is about lifting as heavy as you can, therefore have a spotter if you need one, and push yourself.



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My arm progress!!

I was looking online yesterday and found a work out routine on This is the link

Basically if you want to tone your arms faster and grow some “guns” do this. The first routine is super sets, meaning two sets one after the other then you take a 30 second rest and start again.

“Choose any day, as long as you didn’t train upper body 24 hours before or after, and as long as you’re at least 2 days removed from your other arms workout.”

Workout 1: Antagonistic Muscles



I just copied this right from the source. This is what I did today. Basically what they are saying is incorporate these super sets when you are working out another body part, say lower body. I did super sets today but I also did my upper body, so after I was finished I felt like puking. I pushed myself to the limit and I loved it!

There is also compound sets which target the same muscle at the two sets.

Workout 2: Same Muscles

Compound Set:

Compound Set:

I only did the super sets today plus an additional routine I learned from Andreia Brazier.

1) Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns 5 x 20

2) Chest Machine Press 4 x 15

3) Shoulder Press Machine 4 x 15

4) Cable Rope Pulldowns (triceps) 4 x 20

5) Cable Curls 4 x 20

Enjoy and tell me how it goes for you! Remember is a great source to start of.

Weight training vs. Cardio



The proof is in the numbers people. You have to incorporate weight training to build lean muscle and burn more fat. I burned fat for 50 minutes weight training for and 1hr and 15 minutes as opposed to last time I only burned fat for 17 minutes out of my hour and 30 minutes work out and that time I mostly did cardio. Goes to show you 50 minutes vs. 17 minutes of fat burned? Who wins? I would say weight training. It’s not about losing the fat with cardio then toning up with weights later, it’s about incorporating both people! Get it done!