Bride Diet? Nutrition 101 for Brides to Be

Instead of going on a diet to look fit on your wedding day, try incorporating lifestyle changes.

Start with something simple, that can be done daily. Some examples:

  1. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water – Surprisingly a high percentage of women that I work with don’t drink enough water. They forget about it and only drink water when they feel thirsty. Usually when you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. So bride to be, up your water intake. Super simple.
  2. Limit liquid calories – We tend to forget that sodas and juices have calories too. Start by cutting down some of these drinks and replacing them with water. Gradually build yourself up to only drinking water. You can have a diet soda or drink here and there since they are usually lower in calories.
  3. Pick a meal and eat a cup of vegetables before that meal – For example, before you eat dinner, eat a cup of vegetables. This will allow you to get your vitamins, minerals and fiber in. This also allows your stomach to signal your brain that you are getting full. Your stomach can take up to 20 minutes to let you brain know it’s starting to get full.
  4. Eat slowly – Tying back to the previous point, eating slowly will allow your stomach to communicate to your brain that it is getting full. Give your brain some time to catch up.

These are a few nutrition hacks you can use to start to do to look amazing on your wedding day but also create a healthy lifestyle.

-Your Bridal Fitness Coach