Being sick really messes with my schedule!

Hey fitfam,
Been off for a bit because I’ve been dealing with a bunch of random crap. Anyway I also got sick and when it coms to leg day today, I almost passed out. I know it sucks. This is what I worked on today.

Free Bar Squat 4 x 10,12,12,12
Hack Squat 4 x 12,10,10,10
Leg Press Machine 4 x 10
Leg Extension 3 x 12
Remember heavy weight!

I usually do more but by the time I was done with leg extension I felt like throwing up and passing out. I have to listen to my body so I went home to get some rest.

How to do a squat the right way

I can’t say this enough if you are not doing a squat the right way you can mess up your back and train your muscles the wrong way!

This is the correct way to do a squat. I got this from chicken tuna on instagram. Some of you might already know who she is but she knows what is up when it comes to squats.


Her IG name is on the picture so follow her! Anyway as you see in the picture that is the correct form for a squat. If you have any questions or need help feel free to email me at
By the way today I ended up doing Andreia Braziers leg routine and my legs are on fire!! Try it out.


The last line says 5 x 10. Do what you can. Happy Sunday!