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24 Day Challenge!!


Good morning everyone. I just wanted to drop some motivation on this beautiful Monday. Here is some Monday motivation.  Top picture is before the 24 day challenge and before flexible dieting.  Below is 24 days later and flexible dieting. What a difference right?! Are you ready to challenge yourself?!! Go build your bundle —>>>24 day challenge . Get that summer body you’ve been waiting for.

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Alright fitfam what ya’ll need to us follow @mankofit on instagram. I have been following for a while now and she is an inspiration and has gone a long way. She has transformed her body like no other. She usually posts very useful tips on eating healthy and exercises. Today I did part of her “30 Day Challenge, Eat Clean Train Dirty” for legs and I was dripping sweat by the end of the routine as well as I could not walk out the gym without holding on to my boyfriend. I highly recommend her if you are trying to lose weight, become a healthier person or just build some muscle mass. This is the routine I did today and yes it looks easy but nope! I did not do the 20 minute stair master yet. I might do it later today but my legs are jelly so we shall see. Have fun with this!


It took me about an hr to complete this routine.


Work Outs

How to do a squat the right way

I can’t say this enough if you are not doing a squat the right way you can mess up your back and train your muscles the wrong way!

This is the correct way to do a squat. I got this from chicken tuna on instagram. Some of you might already know who she is but she knows what is up when it comes to squats.


Her IG name is on the picture so follow her! Anyway as you see in the picture that is the correct form for a squat. If you have any questions or need help feel free to email me at plainandsimplyfit@gmail.com.
By the way today I ended up doing Andreia Braziers leg routine and my legs are on fire!! Try it out.


The last line says 5 x 10. Do what you can. Happy Sunday!