Legs, butt and abs

Barbell squat –  warm-up and then 3 workings sets, 9-12 reps
Leg press – 3 working sets, 9-12 reps
Romanian deadlift – 3 working sets, 9-12 reps
Hip thrusts – 3 working sets
Cable crunch – 3 rounds of 20 reps


Adela Garcia’s High-Intensity Body-Shaping Workout

Hey guys I found this routine on fitness rx magazine’s facebook. Let me tell you it is intense. I would call this routine more advanced. If you’re a beginner I would suggest doing the work outs with weights without the weights. You lose at least 400 to 500 calories doing this routine. It’s a lot of lower body so get ready to feel the burn on your booty, legs, and calves. If you want a great intense work out. Try this. It’s a great work out. Do it once or twice a week. Some people have leg days well you can use this routine as leg day because it works out your lower body fantastically.


If anyone wants to try this with me let me know I am more than willing to do this routine again. Email me at plainandsimplyfit@gmail.com and tell how this works for you!