What people think they need to do to be in shape.


It’s about your diet. You’re never going to get where you want just doing cardio! I hate when people say that they’re going to lose the fat by doing cardio then tone up! No what’s the point? So you can be all flabby afterwards then work twice as hard to get “toned”? All you need to do is get your heart racing and cardio is not always the best for that. Do some cardio and a lot of weight training. So while you’re losing the fat, you’re slowly letting your muscles start showing from behind that fat.¬† Or let me do you one better. Go do circuit training that will get your heart racing faster and help you lose fat effectively.

Guess how many times I do cardio? Once a week if not at all!! I have¬† effectively toned up by doing circuit training, eating right and weight training. I used to do cardio every day for a year straight and all I lost was a few pounds and still looked the same. If you’re running a marathon or a runner by all means cardio is for you but if you’re just trying to be fit and get fit there’s no reason to do cardio every day. Eat right and train hard!