Upper Body and Abs

Today I’m working on my back, biceps and obliques as well as some cardio. I have had a lot of people telling me they are not on my level so they do not come and work out. I can help you get on my level, although I do not consider mydelf being in some kind of “level”. All I do is lift weights and I taught myself by researching. Anyone willing to try it will do it. So please I will help you get on my level so you will not have to say that anymore. I am more than willing to help and teach work outs that are effective and work for me and will work for you. Here is today’s work out, it’s a mix of Bella Falconi’s routine.

1. Lat Pulldowns 3 x 12. This is for the ladies who are always complaining about their back fat. Do this and you’re good.
2. Seated Cable Row 3 x 12 for your back as well.


3. Back hyper extensions 3 x 12. You want a strong lower back. Do this.

4. Seated or Incline dumbbell biceps curl 3 x 12


This picture for incline but you can do either.
5. Preacher curl 3 x 12

6. Hammer Curl 3 x 12. What the name implies do it like your arm is a hammer.


7. Biceps spider curl 3 x 12.


8. Obliques on Cable 3 x 12. One of my favorite!

9. Plank on toes and elbows for 4 mins.
10. Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 12 and this is another one of my favorites.


Lastly I do a 25 min HIIT on thr elliptical


Happy Monday and let me know if you want to work out with me. I’ll get you on my level. No excuses!!


Been off but I am back. It’s Monday Legs/abs

So I’ve been off for the whole weekend. It was my birthday on Thursday so I took a trip to San Francisco for the weekend. But it is Monday and I am ready to get back on my routine. If you don’t already know I am a huge fan of Bella Falconi. I did some research and found her work out routine through simply shredded. Her Mondays consist of legs and abs so today I am doing that. I will post all her routines for every day. Bella takes a rest day on Sundays. If you don’t already know who Bella is here she is:


Bella’s Monday routine:
1. Squats Free Bar 4 x 15
2. Leg Extension 4 x 12
3. Leg Press 4 x 12
4. Leg Press Smith Machine (you might require a spotter.
5. Sumo Squatting 4 x 12
6. Side Crunches on Stability Ball 3 x 20
7. Abs Scissors Kick 3 x 20
8. Seated V-Knee Up 3 x 20
9. Reverse Crunch 3 x 20.

There you go. Now go hard or go home! Happy Monday.