New Flavor!

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This is my second time doing the 24 day challenge and not only has it made me feel better about myself but it has helped stay on track in my healthy lifestyle.

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I challenge you!!!

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These are my results with the challenge and I am still going strong!!

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Late Post and Flexible Dieting

Sorry I have been crazy busy with school and work but I’m back!!!

ruth face 2014

So I decided to give flexible dieting a go. I am currently cutting. 170g of carbs, 145g of protein and 55g of fat. Anyone out there currently doing flexible dieting and could lend me a helping hand  or their thoughts? I really want to compete but I’m not sure if I should get a coach. I feel like I motivate myself enough. It’s been about 3 weeks that I’ve been cutting and I’ve lost 3 pounds. Does that sound right? Should I cut more?? I really want to lower my body fat percentage and want to look more defined. Any suggestions or thoughts would help.ruth april 2014



Hello there! So this ab move I learned on insanity the asylum. I changed it up a bit and used a weight instead of bands. I am using an 8 pound weight. You can use whatever is comfortable for you. What you do first is you have to hold your legs up like the bottom picture and make sure you feel it on your lower abs. While your legs are straight up hold the weight up too. Make sure you have your toes pointed up. After that, crunch in your knees to your chest. Making sure they stay in a 90 degree angle. While you crunch in your knees bring the weight down. Do these two moves simultaneously. If you need any help let me know.

Progress picture


Good morning!! So this a progress picture about a month ago. My hiw things have changed. I still have a lot to go but it all takes time. Consistency is key. You’re not going to get the body you want if you’re constantly cheating on your meals or going out every weekend and drinking. It really does not take much to get to where you want to go. Eat right, sleep like a bear, and exercise!! Just do it! It will pay off in the end. Today is Sunday so I’ll keep this short. If you need any motivation email me or if you wanna work out together let me know!