why weight fluctuates
Hey there! Are you one those people who weighs yourself constantly and the scale just keeps giving you all these different numbers every time you check your weight?
Are you constantly checking your weight?
Are you obsessed with weighing yourself?

Well then, keep on reading.

Key points:

  • Glycogen plays a a large role in short-term weight fluctuations.
  • Going on and off low-carb diets can cause big changes in glycogen levels.
  • It takes a few days for body weight to stabilize after any major shift in diet or exercise (theptdc.com)

Story time: Your best friend reads an article about a super low carb and implements it. She is down 2 dress sizes. She is convinced that carbs are evil. She eats less than 50 grams a day, and she drops eight pounds in two days. It seems she’s found the secret to weight loss!

But there’s a catch: if she believes this is true, then just looking at an Olive Garden bread stick will make her gain the weight back.

Your best friend is doing great and sticks to the plan for six whole days, but on the seventh day, she goes out to dinner with her friends. The waiter tempts her with a unlimited bread sticks, and she ends up giving in.

So what happens next? She weighs herself the next morning, and she’s 3 lbs heavier! That’s one pound for each piece of bread stick she ate.

I have lost count of how many of my clients have stepped on a scale after being on a low carb diet then going all out one night and weigh themselves the next morning and have gained 5 lbs.

So what is really happening? Can you really gain and lose so much weight in so little time?

The Problem With The Scale

Your weight will fluctuate throughout the day and this is why.

Salt and water

Has this ever happened to you? You go out Friday night and have dinner at restaurant (lots of sodium) and the next day you wake up, weigh yourself and weight 5 lbs more.

So you freak out but then you realize that:

  • Your digestive system hasn’t had time to process the junk food you ate last night.
  • Since most restaurants contain foods with high amounts of salt, your body retains water to keep your electrolytes in balance.

Eventually your body with sort itself out and you will go back to your normal self. The excess water is only temporary.

Glycogen and fluid

Each gram of glycogen—the stored carbohydrates in the muscles and liver—is accompanied by three to four grams of water. If you make an extreme cut in the carbs you eat, your body will store less glycogen and your muscles will also hold less water.

This will in turn cause you lose weight. It depends on how many carbs you cut. Remember if you cut 50% of your carbs, then water in your muscles will also decrease to 3 to 4 times that amount and voila less weight.

Mid-day fluctuations

Your weight will fluctuate throughout the day based off your sodium intake, how much water your drinking, and the food that you eat. Remember that.

Takeaway: The only way to know whether your new nutrition is working is to be consistent and patient. Consistent with weighing, consistent with carb intake, consistent with workouts, and patient enough to see meaningful results. (theptdc.com)




Incorporate these 4 exercise to get that hourglass figure. Working out your back with these exercises will help give that illusion of an hourglass figure. Try it out!

  1. TRX Underhand Row
  2. Straight arm pulldown
  3. Seated Row
  4. Lat pulldown


apple cider vinegar weight loss benefits

Apple cider vinegar has a reputation of aiding with weight loss, lowering cholesterol, diabetes, acne, digestive problems and other issues. Below are some of the benefits and studies that support these claims.

There are studies that have shown that apple cider vinegar can aid in weight loss. (Kondo et al. 2009)

Apple cider vinegar may increase satiety which may reduce food intake. (Ostman et al. 2005)

It helps with diabetes too and there are studies that support this. If you drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before a hearty carb meal it helps to control blood sugar. This happens because the vinegar seems to reduce the digestion of carbs. (Johnston et al. 2010)

Apple cider vinegar also seems to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It has been used for centuries to clean wounds and disinfect.

Things to watch out for:

Apple cider vinegar tastes bad and it is very acidic. It can irritate your mouth and throat and harm your tooth enamel if you just take it by itself. I like to drink my apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and mix it up. Lots and lots of water haha. You can also put it as a dressing on salads or foods.

My favorite apple cider vinegar product is: Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Do you use apple cider vinegar? Has it helped you in your weight loss goals or other goals? Leave a comment below.

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I feel the best time to weigh yourself is in the morning right when you wake up and used the bathroom. Do this every morning to stay consistent. Your weight tends to fluctuate throughout the day. You may gain weight after a workout. You’re wondering, you just had an awesome workout and now you are even heavier?

First of all, the scale isn’t everything, please don’t judge yourself based of this number. It does not take into consideration a lot of factors. Below are a few reasons why you can gain weight after a workout:

  1. Water retention – when you workout you sweat, you lose fluid. Your body is made up of 65 – 90% of water. Your body retains water until it is properly hydrated. So, if you just had a killer workout and are drenched in sweat and gained a couple pounds, just drink some water. You’ll be fine.
  2. Strength training – When you workout muscle groups, you are creating micro tears in the muscle and your muscles get inflamed. As they heal, you may gain some weight. It’s totally normal and can last a few days depending on how hard you went in the gym.
  3. Muscle vs. fat – Sometimes you end up weighing more than before but your clothes fit looser. This is good! Your are building more lean muscle and dropping major body fat. It happens and it is totally normal. This is why the scale is not always the best indicator. If you are staying the same weight but your clothes feel better on your body and you feel better, you are probably losing fat.

These are just a few things to consider before you shame yourself for gaining weight or the scale is not moving. Remember this number can change throughout the day. Just remember to stay consistent, eat healthy, be patient with yourself and love yourself in any shape or size!

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Hello everyone!


I have been struggling with the belly fat around my lower stomach (below my belly button) for a while now. That seems to be the last place I lose my fat and to be honest I have never seen that part of my stomach look anything like I would like it to look.

I have been struggling with this for a while now and decided to try fasted cardio.

What is fasted cardio?

Fasted cardio is doing cardio right when you wake up before you eat anything. Since your body has technically been fasting while you were asleep, your body uses burns fat instead of its preferred energy source – carbs – as energy. There are many articles out there and research that shows that fasted cardio does work but you also have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meaning if you incorporate fasted cardio and still eat like crap, then you probably won’t see a difference.

Essentially fasted cardio may burn more calories from fat. But it can also end up burning protein which you know is important for building and repairing muscle. This is why I suggest drinking BCAA’s while doing fasted cardio.

Since fat is the main fuel source while in a fasted state, fat from hard to reach areas like lower stomach, thighs and hips can slim down since this is where a lot of fat gets stored, especially in women.

Did fasted cardio work for me?

I think it did! It’s only been a week and I lost 3 lbs. and noticeably lost fat on my lower stomach. Since my fitness goals are to be really lean and continue to lose body fat, I will continue doing fasted cardio and see where it goes. All in all, I am already excited with the results. Want to read more on fasted cardio? Check out this article: Does Fasted Cardio Provide Significant Benefits?

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High fructose corn syrup or HFCS made it’s debut around the 1970s.

It is created when corn syrup undergoes processing to convert glucose to fructose (fruit sugar).

Types of products that may contain HFCS:

  • Canned foods
  • Cereals
  • Baked goods
  • Flavored and sweetened dairy products
  • Candy
  • Fast food

There have been a few large scale human studies that have not shown a definite increased risk of overweight, obesity or metabolic disorders. However, this does not mean that a person can eat an unlimited amount of HFCS without consequence.

  • HFCS probably does not increase health risk more than sugar or other sweeteners
  • Although the typical American still consumes greater than 10% of daily calories from ADDED sugars.
  • This is about an extra 200 calories per day of empty calories that provide no nutritional value.
  • If you add this up then the typical American consumes about 20 lbs. worth of ADDED sugar a year.
  • A lot of manufacturers add HFCS to foods that would not typically contain sugar to extend it’s shelf life and enhance the flavor.

If you are trying to lose weight, or control your weight, you should aim to eat less HFCS as well as other ADDED sugars like table sugar and other sweeteners like equal, stevia, etc.

To read more about HFCS check out this article: Does High Fructose Corn Syrup Make You Fat?

So what you think, what is your opinion on HFCS?

Photo by Gianna Ciaramello on Unsplash

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endomorph body type female

Let’s start with the basics.

What is an endomorph body type? Curvaceous, small-waisted, full figured and pear-shaped. These type of body types usually carry their weight on the lower stomach, hips and thighs instead of being evenly spread around the body. The way the fat is distributed around the body can make a bit more difficult to lose weight. Don’t despair, with the right nutrition and training endomorphs can achieve great results!


Endomorphs usually have some kind of carb sensitivity. High-carb foods are converted to sugar at a faster rate and most likely with be stored as far rather than be burned for energy. Because of this endomorphs tend to have a higher body fat percentage.

Since endomorphs are carb and insulin sensitive the best type of nutrition comes from a balance of macronutrients. Carbs should come from mostly veggies and unrefined, high-fiber starches. Foods to avoid: bread, cereal, crackers and cookies! For macronutrients you are looking at a range of 30% carbs, 35% protein, and 35% fat. For breakfast opt for a high protein and fat meal.

Being Active

Since endomorphs have a hard time losing fat with nutrition alone, well-rounded cardio and resistance training program will benefit the endomorph best. Endomorphs should exercise to boost metabolism. Fitness for endomorphs is a lifelong program. The good thing about endomorphs is that they can build muscle fast, staying lean requires work due to their slower metabolism.


Sitting down at work or watching Netflix and chilling is not good especially for the endomorphs as they burn less calories than other types while at rest. For cardio endomorphs should do HIIT 2 to 3 times a week at less than 30 minutes and low intensity steady cardio 2 to 3 times a week at 30 to 60 mins.

Weight Training

Weight training is imperative for an endomorph only because having more lean muscle mass expels more calories and helps the endomorphs metabolism. Focus on compound exercises and circuit training with very little rest.

To learn more about endomorphs, check out this article by ACE and click the link here.

So what kind of body type are you? Leave a comment below.

Do you want to see a workout created specifically for endomorphs? Let me know in the comments below.

Tips for Eating out Healthy

  1. Pick water or unsweetened teas to drink
  2. Opt for a salad and get dressing on the side
  3. Share a dish with someone – most restaurant plates are big enough for 2 to 3 people
  4. Customize your meal – put dressings on the side, remove any unnecessary toppings
  5. Pack snacks so you won’t buy unhealthy snacks
  6. Fill your plate with fruits and veggies instead of unnecessary carbs
  7. Look at the calories in their nutrition information online or on the menu
  8. Pass on “buffet” style restaurants
  9. Get whole grains if the option is available
  10. You don’t need to “clean the plate” eat until you are satisfied and stop

Click here to download a free pdf for more information on these 10 tips.

Check out ChooseMyPlate for more healthy tips and tricks!

Have any health or nutrition questions? Leave a comment below!

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Weight Loss Diaries | Week 5| Part 2 (Video)

weight loss diaries

Hello savages,

I had been on my weight loss journey since January and I have lost an overall of 12 lbs. The weight loss diaries was 5 weeks and I lost a total of 6 lbs. I lost about a pound a day which is moderate weight loss. I could have pushed for more aggressive but I chose to not to do that.

I ate 1,300 calories a day for 5 weeks and had a cheat meal about once a week. I also did a lot of walking since I could not work out.

I have finally been cleared to work out by my surgeon and will start working out next week. I have to adjust my macros because I am going to be working out 3x times a week for now.

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I will be creating another series for my work out journey but I’m not sure what I will be calling it. Stay tuned!

  1. Thursday to Saturda
  2. What I eat
  3. How to eat in moderation
  4. Weight Loss results

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Weight Loss Diaries | Week 4| Part 2 (Video)

weight loss diaries

Hi savages!

Week 4, Part 1 of the weight loss diaries is live!

I have lost 12 lbs total!

Watch the video below. Items I will be covering include:

  1. Thursday to Saturday
  2. What I eat
  3. How to eat in moderation

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