5 Nutrients Your Body Needs

  1. Carbohydrates – they are preferred source of energy for your body and give it fuel for daily activities. The energy comes from the break down of starches and sugars into it’s simplest form, monosaccharide, in which your cells will convert it to usable power.  Carbs come from fruits, vegetables and grains not just junk food. There are certain organs in your body that require carb fuel source such as the kidneys and brain.
  2. Protein – You can find protein in eggs, soy, legumes, meats, and whole grains. Protein gives your body a pool of amino acids which are the building blocks of all your cells. Protein supports your body structure such as your bone and skin tissue. Protein also repairs cells if they become damaged and antibodies are made up of protein which help fight off with inflammation and infection.
  3. Fat – Fat has twice the amount of calories per gram as a protein or carb but it is highly concentrated energy that can be stored by your body for later use. It provides cell structure to membranes and cushions your internal organs to help prevent damages to tissue. Fat also acts like a vehicle that delivers certain nutrients. Fats can come from animals, plants, fish and nuts.
  4. Vitamins and Minerals – These are small molecule foods that support your health. Vitamins aid in energy production, healing wounds, eye and skin health, and bone formation and immunity. Minerals on the other hand, provide structure for your skeleton, regulate your cardiovascular health, and help regulate your nervous system. Eat a well-balanced diet should be enough to cover all the vitamins and minerals you need. Make sure to get a variety of fruits and veggies to ensure this.
  5. Water – Water is extremely important for your body. After all your body is mostly water! Water helps maintain your body temperature at normal levels, lubricates and cushions joints, protects your spinal cord, and removes waster through urination. Water has to be replaced anytime your body loses water through sweat or evaporation.

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5 Basic Nutrition Concepts

  1. Balance – Life is all about balancing what is good or bad for you. The same goes when it comes to nutrition. Get the right amount of the good things and try to limit the bad things that can have a negative effect on your health.
  2. Calorie Control – It’s not all about reducing calories. More important is getting the adequate amount of calories based on how you structure your life to keep you working effectively and efficiently.
  3. Moderation – You can eat almost any food in moderation but make sure that you are only eating foods that may effect your health in small amounts. For example, you can eat a donut once in a while for breakfast but don’t make it a habit.
  4. Variety – Eating the same foods over and over gets boring. Make sure to add variety to the your nutrition by adding different types of veggies, whole grains and meat.
  5. Adequacy – Make sure you are getting all the essential nutrients you need to maintain your health and replace what is lost during the day.
“Remember, there are no bad foods, just healthier ones to eat regularly. Weight loss requires a commitment to change your lifestyle. Keep up the exercise as it increases your metabolic rate and helps maintain your muscles, which burn more calories than body fat does.”
Jaime Ackerman Foster, MPH, RD, LD
Extension Nutrition Associate
Ohio State University

Nutrition does not have to be a hard, grueling task. If you start with these 5 steps you are well on your way to making better nutrition choices. Interested in a customized nutrition plan made just for you and your goals? Click here for 4 weeks of nutrition. I also have 8 and 12 weeks. Check out my store here.

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Tips for Eating out Healthy

  1. Pick water or unsweetened teas to drink
  2. Opt for a salad and get dressing on the side
  3. Share a dish with someone – most restaurant plates are big enough for 2 to 3 people
  4. Customize your meal – put dressings on the side, remove any unnecessary toppings
  5. Pack snacks so you won’t buy unhealthy snacks
  6. Fill your plate with fruits and veggies instead of unnecessary carbs
  7. Look at the calories in their nutrition information online or on the menu
  8. Pass on “buffet” style restaurants
  9. Get whole grains if the option is available
  10. You don’t need to “clean the plate” eat until you are satisfied and stop

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Top Reasons People Drop a New Year’s Resolution

secret to success

Hello savages!

Did you know that 80% of people who set a new year’s resolution don’t end up keeping them?! That’s a high number! Here are the reasons why most people drop a new year’s resolution.  

My new year’s resolution is to be fit! My definition of fit is below. Of course everyone has their definition of being fit. Do what makes YOU happy. (I have no idea who this woman is, FYI) curvy-fit-woman

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1. Setting a new year’s resolution for the wrong reasons, or the wrong people: You are bound to fail reaching your resolution if you are doing it for the wrong reasons. If your reason is to look better than someone else, or you want to look like someone else or your friends or significant other is telling you to do it. YOU ARE DOING IT FOR THE WRONG REASON. A new year’s resolution should be something you want to do willingly and for a healthy reason. Don’t ever feel like you HAVE to do something for anybody but yourself.

Do what makes YOU happy because at the end of the day you are the one living with yourself. 

believe in yourself

2. Setting unrealistic goalsIf your goal is lose 30 lbs. in 2 weeks, that’s unrealistic. People fall off because they set unrealistic goals that are hardly attainable. Start with short term goals, for example if your goal is weight loss, then losing a 1 lb. a week is realistic. Tell yourself you will lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks or 3 weeks. Those short goals make more sense and they put less pressure on you. Most of us don’t like to feel the pressure that comes with a weight loss goal so it’s a better bet to set short term goals and go from there. 

If your goal is to learn a new language an unrealistic goal is saying you will learn fluent Spanish in a month. Instead set a short term goal, you will learn conversational Spanish in 1 month. This way you won’t fall off as quick and feel rushed into doing something that is’t even realistic. 

3. Not keeping track or making it tangibleHow you expect to reach a goal if you are not keeping track of it or know your final end result? Trust me you won’t reach it. I weighed 170 lbs. last week, this week I weigh 164 lbs. Now my goal is to lose 5 more lbs. the following week. This is tangible and doable. Keep track of what you want to change because if you don’t then how will you know you changed anything at all

4. Hanging out with wrong crowd – Stay away from people who complain daily. Sometimes these people don’t even know they’re complaining ALL THE TIME. How is someone who complains about everything supposed to help you feel when you want to be successful an attain your goals. THEY WON’T.

Stay away from VICTIMS. These people always talk about how the world is out to get them and they have the worst luck etc. Let me tell YOU something – you determine whether you can do something. Not luck or bad luck. These type of people never take accountability for their actions and their end results. 

Stay away from someone who always tells you unnecessary things because they feel they need to because they are your “FRIEND”.

Be wary of people who say,‘Come on, just this one time”. They are thinking about themselves not you. Real friends will understand you set a goal and will not try to derail you from it.If they try to shame you, stay away!

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The Petite Advantage Diet | Day 1

weight loss

Hello savages!

I have decided to start creating some vlogs for my 21 day diet. Follow and subscribe to learn more! I will be posting what I eat and also what exercises I did. Feel free to follow along.

Diet: Jan2WeightLossPetitediet

Workout: Back and biceps

Cable row – 4 sets – 12 reps

Lat pull down – 4 sets – 12 reps

Bar curl – 3 sets – 12 reps

Underhand row – 4 sets – 12 reps

Hammer curls – 3 sets – 12 reps

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Sweet Sweat

sweet sweatsweeat sweat waist trimmer

Hey ya’ll,

I’ve had a few people asking what sweet sweat is. Basically it’s considered a “workout enhancer” that speeds up and enhances sweat and circulation during a workout. It is supposed improve circulation, increase perspiration and fight muscle fatigue.

You can apply sweet sweat on fatty areas such as your butt, hips, upper arms and lower back.

It has white snow petroleum, kosher Brazilian carnauba wax, acai, pomegranate, coconut oil, kosher jojoba, camelina, squalane oils, aloe vera extract, vitamin E, and fragrance. You should only use it when you’re working out and don’t apply it over other lotions or creams.

My experience: I only use when I do cardio and sometimes while I am doing weights. I only apply it to my stomach. I like to wear it with with the sweet sweat waist trimmer. I feel like it makes me sweat even more.It does what it’s supposed to do and makes me sweat a lot, also I have a lost a few inches of my waist. Let me know you’re experience.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Hello there!

I have had a few friends ask my why I take apple cider vinegar. I did my research and found that apple cider vinegar has a lot of benefits. One of the main reasons I started taking apple cider vinegar was because my digestion sucks and I read that this helps with digestion. At first I did not take it consistently but once I started I noticed I was able to go to the bathroom more than once a day. I also noticed that I did not get bloated after I ate meals with a lot of carbs, or in general.

This is my OWN experience and I know there are other amazing benefits to apple cider vinegar.

Not only did apple cider vinegar help me with my digestion, but the lower belly pooch that I have, to me, seemed like it was getting smaller. Everyone retains fat in different areas, my area is basically my hips, my butt, and my lower belly. I did notice it started getting smaller. This is my experience and it may be different for everyone else.

I also noticed that I stay fuller longer when I take apple cider vinegar but not bloated. It helps with appetite suppression. I am not someone who wants their appetite suppressed but it helps when I can’t get too food quick enough so I don’t feel as hungry. I don’t take apple cider vinegar to “lose weight” or “get skinny”, I take it as part of my healthy lifestyle. I have my occasional cheat meal, but at the end of the day taking apple cider vinegar will not help your lifestyle if you eat like crap or don’t take care of yourself. I usually do 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 8 oz of water or more.

These are a few reasons why I take apple cider vinegar. What’s yours?

Also, if you decided to incorporate apple cider vinegar into your diet make sure it comes with the mother, raw and unfiltered. apple cider


How much sugar are we supposed to consume a day? More than 70% of Americans eat over 22 teaspoons a day of sugar. The American Heart Association recommends to stay healthy men should consume only 36 grams or 9 teaspoons and women 25 grams or 6 tablespoons of sugar. 

Here is a chart I got from Daily Burn that shows how much sugar we may be consuming daily.  



Here is the recipe for the delicious casserole I made. 20160104_174751




What you will need: 









  1. Set oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Boil quinoa pasta, rinse with warm water, and set aside.
  3. Set a skillet on medium-high heat and lightly spray with coconut oil. Toss in red onion and granulated or freshly minced garlic. Cook in the skillet until the onions are nearly translucent.
  4. Add in the ground turkey meat. Stir and cook with a wooden spoon or spatula. Chop the turkey and separate it as it cooks.
  5. Once the turkey is nearly finished cooking, add zucchini, tomato paste, tomatoes, bell peppers, and one cup chicken broth.
  6. Stir slowly and reduce heat slightly. Cover and cook until the mixture begins to simmer.
    *Tip: If your skillet is large enough, add in cooked pasta. If not, continue on to step 7.
  7. Evenly divide the pasta among the five mini pans. Pour the mixture on top of the pasta.
  8. Pour the remaining chicken broth over the individual pans to ensure moisture.
  9. Top each with 1/8 cup shredded mozzarella.
  10. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 375F. Once finished, allow to cool. Cover with foil and freeze until you’re ready to eat.
  11. Reheat in the oven.

Makes 5 servings. I found these recipes online and are pretty easy to follow. Enjoy!

Black Bean Recipe


Black Bean Recipe

5 servings

1 can of black beans

1.5 cups of corn

1/2 bundle of cilantro

Fresh lime juice

2 roma tomatoes

salt and pepper for taste