But really, how does one even find time to wake up at 5 am. I tell my friends and family and they’re like what the hell? How do you do it?!

Waking up at 9 am is considered late for me now.


Well it starts with going to sleep early ish the night before. I try to go to bed at least by 11 pm every day, sometime it’s sooner. That gives me about 6 hrs of sleep. It really depends on the person though. Some people need more than 6 hrs of sleep. Although, there is those people who go to sleep at 2 am because they spend all night watching TV or on social media. That habit needs to change ASAP.

I try to limit my TV and social media in bed. I have a TV in my room but I hardly EVER watch TV in my room, it’s just there. I do have my phone on my dresser next to me. My phone is there but I always silence it and spend a few minutes on it before I go to bed, but I try to limit it. I have spent countless hours wasting time scrolling through social media in the past. It’s never ending. If you are that type of person, change that habit. Put your phone somewhere where you cannot reach it. In fact, when you are in bed you can’t look at your phone at all. The blue light does not help either. It keeps you awake. I know some phones have a blue light filter, but still it’s not worth it. Silence it, turn it off.

I replace my phone with a book. If I can’t fall asleep for some reason I read a book. It’s usually nonfiction because I don’t want to process too much information. I usually start getting sleepy after 15 minutes. The problem nowadays is that people stay up because they bring their phone to bed.

I don’t use my phone as an alarm. I have actually read about this in a lot of blogs. My reason is different though. I don’t like using my phone as an alarm because it’s annoying, pisses me off when it wakes me up. I hate it. I use my Fitbit blaze. You can actually set an alarm on your watch and it will wake up with with soft vibrations. It’s actually way more relaxing and less annoying. There is no sound that comes out of the watch, it’s just vibrations. Pretty cool feature. If your watch does not have a feature, go get an alarm clock.

I snuggle less. I share my bed with my soon to be husband. I don’t know about you, but when I snuggle him, it’s so hard to get out of bed. I limit that. I will give one snuggle and then jump out of bed. I know myself, and I know if I continue to snuggle I will never wake up.

I jump out of my bed. I mean sometimes, not literally. Once I wake up and get up, I just get off and walk to the bathroom. Even if I am exhausted, I don’t go under the covers. I get off and turn on my hallway light and just start moving. Sometimes I am sluggish and groggy, and sometimes I am chipper af. It just depends on the amount of rest I received the night before.

Before I even drink or eat anything, I have a 12 oz. glass of water. Your body has technically been fasting all night long and you have not had a drink of water that whole time. That’s why sometimes when you wake up, you feel extremely parched. Don’t head for that coffee or muffin or whatever. Before you do anything, drink a glass of water. No ifs, ands, or buts. If I was feeling sluggish or groggy this usually wakes me up right away.

The best reason I have for waking up at 5 am is that no one is at the gym that early. I hate going to the gym in the afternoon to workout because it’s full of people and some machines are taken. This is my WHY as to why I wake up at 5 am. Even if I am tired af, I know that if I workout at night, I will have less energy and be blah. When I want to go back to bed, I remind myself of how ughhh it feels working out at night and get my ass up.

I don’t have breakfast because I am not hungry. I workout on an empty stomach. Don’t try this at home. This is me and this is how I like it. I do take a pre-workout and BCAAs for energy and so I won’t gas out. If you train longer than 90 minutes, I highly suggest eating something before a workout or after 90 minutes.

The last piece of advise I want to put out there. If you are one of those people who doesn’t have the time to workout or doesn’t have time to do anything, waking up at 5am will give you that extra time to be active, or run errands or whatever it is you don’t have time for. Remember, time is the only thing that we can’t get more of. If you sleep in all the time, and you wonder why you never have time to do shit, well this is the reason why.

Start slowly, make it a habit. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you usually do and gradually move to 5 am. The body is highly adaptable and in no time, you will have gotten used to waking up. It’s not rocket science people, it’s just about how bad you want it.

Also, stop saying you’re not a morning person. That’s just an excuse.

What’s you wake up time? Why do you wake up at that time?




Incorporate these 4 exercise to get that hourglass figure. Working out your back with these exercises will help give that illusion of an hourglass figure. Try it out!

  1. TRX Underhand Row
  2. Straight arm pulldown
  3. Seated Row
  4. Lat pulldown


For all the busy people, stay at home parents, etc. This one’s for you!
I was reading an article an that said if you 10 mins to spend on social media, you have 10 mins to workout!
All you need is:
  • Yourself
  • A variety of body weight exercises
  • Can do attitude
  • Room to workout
Try this 10 min HIIT workout!
4 exercises – 5 reps each and repeat until 10 mins are up!
No rest in between.
Set your timer!
  1. Supermans
  2. Squats
  3. Jumping lunges (or stationary whatever is most comfortable for you)
  4. Push-ups (can be modified)

Leave a comment below if you broke a sweat and would like to see more workouts like these!



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Hello savages!

Challenge time! I am hosting a 12 WEEK WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE!

This challenge is not focused on how many reps or types of exercises you can do, or going on a diet or limiting yourself. This challenge is about giving you more. More energy, energy to run with your kids or play sports, better sleep, gain strength, and confidence.

You’ll be in a group of like minded people who just want to take that small step to make a change in their lives. I’ll give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Challenge will start July 9th.

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  • Do you have zero energy after work?
  • Do you seem to only eat once a day?
  • Is it hard to keep up with your kids?
  • Do you gas out carrying your kids?
  • Do you do cardio for hours with no results?
  • Do you want to lose that stubborn fat?
  • Are you short on time?

The results people get from any challenge or program is directly proportional to their commitment level.

Workouts can done at home or at the gym. Some examples below:


I was reading an article on theptdc.com and it really caught my eye. A lot of women seem to think lifting weights will make them “bulky” or “too muscular”. I have been lifting weights for over 7 years and I managed to still look like a woman hahaha. The article is called “77 Trainers Explain Why Women Should Lift Weights“. Women do not have the testosterone to become “bulky” and it’s a common misconception I hear. Below are a few reasons I really liked off this article:

“Strength training can increase the amount of muscle in your body, which in turn will decrease your body fat percentage, and improve your overall body composition” – Cynthia Redford

“Lifting weights means you can eat more without getting fat” – Reece Mander

“How much does your father weight? If he falls to the floor, how could you help him? Can you lift him or you will need to call someone??” – Antonio Ventin Cptrainers

“You don’t have the balls to bulk up” – Steven Hicks [this is funny because it’s true, not enough testosterone.]

“Lifting heavy will change your life like nothing else. Not only will you become stronger physically, but mentally and emotionally stronger as well. You will be able to handle anything that life throws at you.” – Kimberly Mills

“Well, going to the gym in your nice little workout outfit, with matching shoes and earbuds, wearing your hair down with makeup, walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes sure as heck ain’t gonna cut it sista’!” – Jason Ryan Edenfield

“Woman shouted for equal rights,u got them,now lift it bitch,lol,” – Wendy Mitchell

“With only cardio you will go from a big pear to a smaller pear but you will still be a pear. Weights will help change your bodyshape not to mention all the health benefits.” – Claudia Popoviciu

“Everybody wants a bikini body, but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weight. If you want to look average, train average, ill wave to you on the stepper… Want to look above average?… Ill see you at the squat rack” – Callan Headrick

For the mama’s out there:

“Women are made to be able to lift her child and run when there is danger. Being able to lift heavy stuff without getting hurt makes your life a lot easier, if speaking beyond survival.” – Nattha Ploy

“Do you have any children? How heavy are they?” – Michael Park

“Did you know heavy weight lifting is the best defense against aging, keeps shopping for clothes enjoyable, and gives you the ability to lift and play with your children and grandchildren?” – Erika Nall

“What does your child weigh ? How many times have you lifted and carried then and for how long.” – Gerard Sheehan


Go lift those weights ladies and mamas! Want me to help you get in better shape to just be with your kids, hold them and love them longer? Go check out my online personal training plans here.

So which reason did you like? Leave a comment below. For the rest of the article here is the link again: 77 Trainers Explain Why Women Should Lift Weights




  1. If you work, try to to wait till after work to get your workout in. It probably won’t happen. So, get your workouts before you do anything, whether it’s work or before the kids wake up. Even as a stay at home mom, you are more likely to workout if you get it out before the babies are up.
  2. Schedule it as part of your day as a non-negotiable. You are more likely to keep an appointment if you have it blocked off in your calendar.
  3. Planning helps but knowing what you are going to do when you get that time to workout is also very important. When you have your workout ready beforehand you have a chance of getting your workout out faster.
  4. If you get a lunch break or if you are a stay at home mom and you are eating lunch, take a walk or run during that free time. Make sure you get your meal in first.
  5. I believe having your kids as part of your workout routine helps mommies stay in shape. Have fun with your babies or your toddlers. While they are lying down next to you do planks, sit ups, squats, lunges, etc. You get the point. If they are toddlers play a game of tag or push them on the swings. Make it fun for both of you.
  6. If you go to the park or jungle gym, use the benches for step ups, run with your stroller, or walk around in the sand.
  7. I said this before but running with your kids is the best way to get a work out in. Play tag with them. Soccer is a good sport to incorporate toddlers. You get cardiovascular benefits because of this.
  8. Be a ninja. Get a workout in when you get 10 minutes of free time from your kids. Run around for 10 minutes, do lunges for 10 minutes, jumping squats etc.
  9. Go outside. This is especially important for new moms. A lot of new mom’s are so excited and love their new babies so much that they just sit and watch their kids. Remember sitting down does not expel that many calories. If your kids are awake, put them on the stroller and walk around the block or go to a park.
  10. Don’t beat yourself up. You are a mommy and time with your kids is very important. Sometimes you are going to miss a workout and that’s totally okay, just don’t make it a habit. Remember being healthy allows you to give your child more.

Check this blog post for more tips on fitness for moms here.

If you’re a mom, tell me your thoughts on exercising. What are some things you do to get you working out and active? Leave a comment below.


What is a compound exercise? A compound exercise incorporates several muscles or muscle group at one time.

  1. They burn more calories. Since you are using your more than one muscle group, your body will burn more calories doing compound exercises.
  2. They improve intermuscular coordination. Meaning it allows muscles and joints to work together to improve how they work together.
  3. They elevate your heart rate and can work to improve cardiovascular fitness. Your body is using multiple muscles at once so your body is working harder to keep up with the movement which elevates your heart rate and improves your cardiovascular fitness.
  4. Can be considered a form of dynamic flexibility. 
  5. Improve movement efficiency. They can actually help improve movement skills and dynamic balance, which can actually help improve overall quality of life.

If you want to read more on the 5 benefits above, read more here.

What you think? Do you do more compound exercises when it comes to your training? Leave a comment below.


endomorph body type female

Let’s start with the basics.

What is an endomorph body type? Curvaceous, small-waisted, full figured and pear-shaped. These type of body types usually carry their weight on the lower stomach, hips and thighs instead of being evenly spread around the body. The way the fat is distributed around the body can make a bit more difficult to lose weight. Don’t despair, with the right nutrition and training endomorphs can achieve great results!


Endomorphs usually have some kind of carb sensitivity. High-carb foods are converted to sugar at a faster rate and most likely with be stored as far rather than be burned for energy. Because of this endomorphs tend to have a higher body fat percentage.

Since endomorphs are carb and insulin sensitive the best type of nutrition comes from a balance of macronutrients. Carbs should come from mostly veggies and unrefined, high-fiber starches. Foods to avoid: bread, cereal, crackers and cookies! For macronutrients you are looking at a range of 30% carbs, 35% protein, and 35% fat. For breakfast opt for a high protein and fat meal.

Being Active

Since endomorphs have a hard time losing fat with nutrition alone, well-rounded cardio and resistance training program will benefit the endomorph best. Endomorphs should exercise to boost metabolism. Fitness for endomorphs is a lifelong program. The good thing about endomorphs is that they can build muscle fast, staying lean requires work due to their slower metabolism.


Sitting down at work or watching Netflix and chilling is not good especially for the endomorphs as they burn less calories than other types while at rest. For cardio endomorphs should do HIIT 2 to 3 times a week at less than 30 minutes and low intensity steady cardio 2 to 3 times a week at 30 to 60 mins.

Weight Training

Weight training is imperative for an endomorph only because having more lean muscle mass expels more calories and helps the endomorphs metabolism. Focus on compound exercises and circuit training with very little rest.

To learn more about endomorphs, check out this article by ACE and click the link here.

So what kind of body type are you? Leave a comment below.

Do you want to see a workout created specifically for endomorphs? Let me know in the comments below.


1. Work out at any time you choose – Since you don’t have to meet a personal trainer in person at a specific time you have the freedom of working at whatever time benefits you and fits in your schedule.

2. Less expensive – Most personal training sessions sold in gyms are sold in bundles or charged at a per hour rate. These bundles can range from $300 to $500. Online personal training has hardly any overhead costs so a prescribed workout plan can cost from $25 to $100.

3. Communication is easier – You can communicate with your online personal trainer – depending on their preference – in any messaging form. Whether it’s email, text, direct messages and more you have more access to your trainer.

4. Motivation – Your online personal trainer will make sure they are reaching out to you to keep you motivated and checking off your workouts.

5. Self-confidence – Some people don’t want to go to a gym to work out because they are intimidated. With an online personal trainer you can get a home workout prescribed to you done at the comfort at your own home until you build the self-confidence to actually go to the gym.

Have you ever received online personal training? How was your experience? Leave it in the comments section.

Check out my online personal training plans here.


fat burning workout


Here’s a quick booty home workout you can do practically anywhere and you don’t even need weights or resistance bands. Of course it helps to add a little resistance. Exercises are on the video but you can find them below as well:


  • Pull throughs – 3×12
  • Kickbacks – 3×12 each leg
  • Kickback pulses – 3 sets till failure
  • Supermans 3×10
  • Donkey Kicks 3×12 each leg
  • Goblet Squats – 3×12
  • Calf Raises – 3×20


  • Superset – Reverse Crunch + Bicycle Crunch – 3×20
  • Superset – Vertical Toe Touches + Russian Twists -x20
  • Superset – Knee Tucks Mountain Climbers – 3×20


  • Jumping Lunges for 30 secs, 1 minute walk around and repeat for 15 minutes. Burn baby burn!


I am currently on my 6 week summer program and I will be creating a series based on that. Get my summer program here.

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Have any exercise or health related questions? Drop me a message below!


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