1. Ask the big questions first – Where do you want to go in life? What direction do you want to go? What’s the farthest you can imagine going? Once you answer these questions it will get you started in the path of intentional growth. “The best you can hope to do in life is to make the most out of whatever you’ve been given.” Invest in yourself and be the best you can be.
  2. DO IT NOW! – The biggest mistake you can make is making intentional growth last in your priority list. Do something today that is going to get your closer to your goals.
  3. Face the fear factor – We all have fear. But here’s the good news. We also all have faith.” Which emotion are you going to allow to be stronger? The answer to this question is important. Feed your faith and starve your fear.
  4. Change from incidental to intentional growth – People tend to just go with the flow in life. If they learn something, it’s by accident. They just go with the flow even if it’s leading them in the wrong direction. After a while, people just get by. Don’t allow this to be your life. If you truly want to reach your potential you need to be intentional with your growth. You must go out of your way to find opportunities that will allow you to grow as a person. You have to go after what you want!

Are you intentionally growing?

  • Take a look at your calendar for the next 12 months. How much time have you scheduled for personal growth? More than likely your answer is none. Add personal growth to your calendar every day for 5 days a week. If you really want to succeed in life you need to do whatever it takes.
  • Start now! Make a commitment to start growing today.

Check out this book to get started: How Successful People Grow


I was reading an article on theptdc.com and it really caught my eye. A lot of women seem to think lifting weights will make them “bulky” or “too muscular”. I have been lifting weights for over 7 years and I managed to still look like a woman hahaha. The article is called “77 Trainers Explain Why Women Should Lift Weights“. Women do not have the testosterone to become “bulky” and it’s a common misconception I hear. Below are a few reasons I really liked off this article:

“Strength training can increase the amount of muscle in your body, which in turn will decrease your body fat percentage, and improve your overall body composition” – Cynthia Redford

“Lifting weights means you can eat more without getting fat” – Reece Mander

“How much does your father weight? If he falls to the floor, how could you help him? Can you lift him or you will need to call someone??” – Antonio Ventin Cptrainers

“You don’t have the balls to bulk up” – Steven Hicks [this is funny because it’s true, not enough testosterone.]

“Lifting heavy will change your life like nothing else. Not only will you become stronger physically, but mentally and emotionally stronger as well. You will be able to handle anything that life throws at you.” – Kimberly Mills

“Well, going to the gym in your nice little workout outfit, with matching shoes and earbuds, wearing your hair down with makeup, walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes sure as heck ain’t gonna cut it sista’!” – Jason Ryan Edenfield

“Woman shouted for equal rights,u got them,now lift it bitch,lol,” – Wendy Mitchell

“With only cardio you will go from a big pear to a smaller pear but you will still be a pear. Weights will help change your bodyshape not to mention all the health benefits.” – Claudia Popoviciu

“Everybody wants a bikini body, but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weight. If you want to look average, train average, ill wave to you on the stepper… Want to look above average?… Ill see you at the squat rack” – Callan Headrick

For the mama’s out there:

“Women are made to be able to lift her child and run when there is danger. Being able to lift heavy stuff without getting hurt makes your life a lot easier, if speaking beyond survival.” – Nattha Ploy

“Do you have any children? How heavy are they?” – Michael Park

“Did you know heavy weight lifting is the best defense against aging, keeps shopping for clothes enjoyable, and gives you the ability to lift and play with your children and grandchildren?” – Erika Nall

“What does your child weigh ? How many times have you lifted and carried then and for how long.” – Gerard Sheehan


Go lift those weights ladies and mamas! Want me to help you get in better shape to just be with your kids, hold them and love them longer? Go check out my online personal training plans here.

So which reason did you like? Leave a comment below. For the rest of the article here is the link again: 77 Trainers Explain Why Women Should Lift Weights




1. Work out at any time you choose – Since you don’t have to meet a personal trainer in person at a specific time you have the freedom of working at whatever time benefits you and fits in your schedule.

2. Less expensive – Most personal training sessions sold in gyms are sold in bundles or charged at a per hour rate. These bundles can range from $300 to $500. Online personal training has hardly any overhead costs so a prescribed workout plan can cost from $25 to $100.

3. Communication is easier – You can communicate with your online personal trainer – depending on their preference – in any messaging form. Whether it’s email, text, direct messages and more you have more access to your trainer.

4. Motivation – Your online personal trainer will make sure they are reaching out to you to keep you motivated and checking off your workouts.

5. Self-confidence – Some people don’t want to go to a gym to work out because they are intimidated. With an online personal trainer you can get a home workout prescribed to you done at the comfort at your own home until you build the self-confidence to actually go to the gym.

Have you ever received online personal training? How was your experience? Leave it in the comments section.

Check out my online personal training plans here.

10 Tips For A Successful Day

  1. Wake up as early as you can – waking up early allows you to get done more in the day.
  2. Drink a glass of water right when you wake up. Depending on how much sleep you get your body has been fasting over night and losing electrolytes. Drink 12 oz of water right when you wake up. Try this morning cocktail and look at the benefits it provides here.
  3. Get some sunlight, if possible. Walk outside or go into the kitchen and turn on the light.
  4. Don’t look at your phone at all when you wake up. Scrolling through social media right when you wake up puts you in an anxious alert mood. Not the best way to start your day.
  5. Be grateful. I have a journal called the “The 5 Minute Journal” that Petar bought for me and in it I put 3 things I am grateful for right when I wake up. I suggest purchasing this journal as it makes you appreciate the little things in life and gets your day started on a good note. Click here to get the journal.
  6. Work out – working out before work or get anything started in your boosts your metabolism to burn calories as the day progresses. Make a thing to get and be active before you start your day.
  7. Do some cardio – take a walk if you can’t do a full workout. Walk outside for 30 to 45 mins.
  8. Write down your most important goal for the day and get it done before you even start anything else. A lot of people start so many things at once that they never get anything done. Write down a list of important tasks or goals and go down the list until you are done for the day.
  9. Have breakfast! Breakfast is so important as studies have shown that people who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than people who don’t. It keeps you full throughout the day and it helps with the cravings you may get if you don’t eat breakfast.
  10. Choose to wake up happy. Leave everything from the day before behind and choose to be happy. Start your day positively.


Do you have tips on how to have a successful day? Leave a comment below with your tip!

How to Lose Weight Fast (video)

how to lose weight fast

Hey there savages!

Check out my latest video on YouTube. I will be talking about:

  1. How to lose weight fast and the right way
  2. BMR
  3. TDEE
  4. Deficit
  5. Calories
  6. Keeping track of calories

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The Petite Advantage Diet |Day 21 | Final Thoughts

weight loss

Hey savages!

Today marks the last day on the petite advantage diet! Watch my vlog for more information and reach out to me if you have any questions.

Final Results: Went from 169.6 to 162.6. I lost 7 lbs total in 21 days. There are different variables that prevented me from losing any more weight. On the third week of the diet I had surgery so I could no work out. I also got swollen and bloated due to surgery and pain medication.

All in all I know I could’ve lost 10-15 lbs.

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  1. 24/7 e-mail support
  2. Macro calculations for your weight and height (whether your goal is weight loss or gain weight)
  3. Recommended workouts and workout schedule


I have been craving In n Out forever and I finally decided to eat some today! It was was glorious, but dairy does mess up my stomach. I know the diet is over but I am going to continue to be consistent.

Since I cannot work out for another 5 weeks I am going to eat 500 calories less than it takes to maintain my same without any exercise. My TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) is 1800 calories, so minues 500 I will be eating 1,300 calories a day and see how that goes! I will keep you all updated on the weight loss.


Final Thoughts vlog below:

Let me help you lose 10-15 lbs in 21 days. Leave your name and e-mail and your goal so I can better help you reach your goals below:

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gravity straps

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Top Reasons People Drop a New Year’s Resolution

secret to success

Hello savages!

Did you know that 80% of people who set a new year’s resolution don’t end up keeping them?! That’s a high number! Here are the reasons why most people drop a new year’s resolution.  

My new year’s resolution is to be fit! My definition of fit is below. Of course everyone has their definition of being fit. Do what makes YOU happy. (I have no idea who this woman is, FYI) curvy-fit-woman

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1. Setting a new year’s resolution for the wrong reasons, or the wrong people: You are bound to fail reaching your resolution if you are doing it for the wrong reasons. If your reason is to look better than someone else, or you want to look like someone else or your friends or significant other is telling you to do it. YOU ARE DOING IT FOR THE WRONG REASON. A new year’s resolution should be something you want to do willingly and for a healthy reason. Don’t ever feel like you HAVE to do something for anybody but yourself.

Do what makes YOU happy because at the end of the day you are the one living with yourself. 

believe in yourself

2. Setting unrealistic goalsIf your goal is lose 30 lbs. in 2 weeks, that’s unrealistic. People fall off because they set unrealistic goals that are hardly attainable. Start with short term goals, for example if your goal is weight loss, then losing a 1 lb. a week is realistic. Tell yourself you will lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks or 3 weeks. Those short goals make more sense and they put less pressure on you. Most of us don’t like to feel the pressure that comes with a weight loss goal so it’s a better bet to set short term goals and go from there. 

If your goal is to learn a new language an unrealistic goal is saying you will learn fluent Spanish in a month. Instead set a short term goal, you will learn conversational Spanish in 1 month. This way you won’t fall off as quick and feel rushed into doing something that is’t even realistic. 

3. Not keeping track or making it tangibleHow you expect to reach a goal if you are not keeping track of it or know your final end result? Trust me you won’t reach it. I weighed 170 lbs. last week, this week I weigh 164 lbs. Now my goal is to lose 5 more lbs. the following week. This is tangible and doable. Keep track of what you want to change because if you don’t then how will you know you changed anything at all

4. Hanging out with wrong crowd – Stay away from people who complain daily. Sometimes these people don’t even know they’re complaining ALL THE TIME. How is someone who complains about everything supposed to help you feel when you want to be successful an attain your goals. THEY WON’T.

Stay away from VICTIMS. These people always talk about how the world is out to get them and they have the worst luck etc. Let me tell YOU something – you determine whether you can do something. Not luck or bad luck. These type of people never take accountability for their actions and their end results. 

Stay away from someone who always tells you unnecessary things because they feel they need to because they are your “FRIEND”.

Be wary of people who say,‘Come on, just this one time”. They are thinking about themselves not you. Real friends will understand you set a goal and will not try to derail you from it.If they try to shame you, stay away!

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