Bridal Online Coaching

Hey there gorgeous! 

“Wedding planning was so stress-free for me!” said no bride ever.

I know because I am a bride.

As a bride, I remember the week that I had to sit down and manually write addresses for Save the Dates. It took me hours! To top it off, just getting addresses from people was like pulling teeth. I remember that week vividly. I remember licking the envelopes until I ran out of saliva. I remember going to sleep at night feeling exhausted that all I wanted to do was eat a burger and fries. AND I DID.

I remember trying to figure out when my husband to be has another day off so we can go see the caterer together. That was so challenging. We drove to our caterer and sat in traffic while I was stressing about how will we be able to afford paying for 150 guests. After we got the estimate, all I wanted to do was eat chili cheese fries. AND I DID.

This sucked. Wedding planning is not fun and eating junk food didn’t help me feel any better because I wanted to be a FIT bride. I wanted to look good in our wedding pictures and videos.

The way things were going, I wasn’t going to be in love in my wedding dress. It took me a while but I figured out the reason I felt this way was because of my habits when it came to dealing with stressful situations. If stress came my way, eating junk food was triggered.

This went on until I decided to teach myself how to be aware of why I was doing these things and how I can help myself not become a stress eater. It took me over a year but I finally found a balance and figured out that I could still eat a burger and chili cheese fries without stressing myself out even more and feeling like a complete fatty after I ate the junk food.

I figured it out! I LOST OVER 20 LBS and counting for my wedding. Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Trying to look fabulous in your wedding dress shouldn’t be.

My job as an online bridal health coach and weight loss expert is to help you, the BRIDE, to have a stress free fitness journey without pulling your hair, starving yourself and turning into bridezilla.

Depending on where you are in your wedding fitness journey, below you will find different levels of bridal online coaching that I offer.

I know what it feels like to be stressed out, eat like poo and then hate myself because I ate like poo. We work together so that doesn’t happen.