About me

As a woman who struggled with her weight since elementary school, I was always called the fat one. I was made fun of throughout my whole life until I decided I didn’t want to be fat anymore. I got my butt in the gym because the pain was too much to bear. I started going to the gym and doing endless hours of cardio and I started to lose weight.  Working out made me feel so good because not only was I losing weight but I was also feeling more confident.

Since I wanted to lose weight faster I went on a low carb diet, a low fat diet, any kind of diet that would promise me faster weight loss.

Every time, I plateaud and put all the weight back and more. I didn’t understand how this could happen. I was sad and fat again over and over again. I was in pain, I wanted to cry. How could this happen AGAIN?

I was in so much pain I decided to educate myself on weight loss and how to keep it off. I decided to learn more about exercise, like lifting weights.

I was my own test dummy. Over the course of 7 years I became a weight loss expert by focusing on myself and helping family and friends lose weight and keep it off.

I knew there was more to health then weight loss though. The thing that I really struggled with in the beginning was the way I thought about myself, my mindset. I finally realized that being skinny was not going to be enough if my mind was not right. I did more research on the mind. I learned about behaviors and habits, and why we self-sabotage and what triggers us.

I finally figured out the formula that will not only help people lose weight and keep it off, but create lasting change in their mindset and habits so that fitness works around their schedule and not the other way around.

I am Ruth, online health coach and weight loss expert.

If you want to chat, schedule a free discovery call here.


ace certified personal trainer


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