1. Work out at any time you choose – Since you don’t have to meet a personal trainer in person at a specific time you have the freedom of working at whatever time benefits you and fits in your schedule.

2. Less expensive – Most personal training sessions sold in gyms are sold in bundles or charged at a per hour rate. These bundles can range from $300 to $500. Online personal training has hardly any overhead costs so a prescribed workout plan can cost from $25 to $100.

3. Communication is easier – You can communicate with your online personal trainer – depending on their preference – in any messaging form. Whether it’s email, text, direct messages and more you have more access to your trainer.

4. Motivation – Your online personal trainer will make sure they are reaching out to you to keep you motivated and checking off your workouts.

5. Self-confidence – Some people don’t want to go to a gym to work out because they are intimidated. With an online personal trainer you can get a home workout prescribed to you done at the comfort at your own home until you build the self-confidence to actually go to the gym.

Have you ever received online personal training? How was your experience? Leave it in the comments section.

Check out my online personal training plans here.

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