5 Nutrients Your Body Needs

  1. Carbohydrates – they are preferred source of energy for your body and give it fuel for daily activities. The energy comes from the break down of starches and sugars into it’s simplest form, monosaccharide, in which your cells will convert it to usable power.  Carbs come from fruits, vegetables and grains not just junk food. There are certain organs in your body that require carb fuel source such as the kidneys and brain.
  2. Protein – You can find protein in eggs, soy, legumes, meats, and whole grains. Protein gives your body a pool of amino acids which are the building blocks of all your cells. Protein supports your body structure such as your bone and skin tissue. Protein also repairs cells if they become damaged and antibodies are made up of protein which help fight off with inflammation and infection.
  3. Fat – Fat has twice the amount of calories per gram as a protein or carb but it is highly concentrated energy that can be stored by your body for later use. It provides cell structure to membranes and cushions your internal organs to help prevent damages to tissue. Fat also acts like a vehicle that delivers certain nutrients. Fats can come from animals, plants, fish and nuts.
  4. Vitamins and Minerals – These are small molecule foods that support your health. Vitamins aid in energy production, healing wounds, eye and skin health, and bone formation and immunity. Minerals on the other hand, provide structure for your skeleton, regulate your cardiovascular health, and help regulate your nervous system. Eat a well-balanced diet should be enough to cover all the vitamins and minerals you need. Make sure to get a variety of fruits and veggies to ensure this.
  5. Water – Water is extremely important for your body. After all your body is mostly water! Water helps maintain your body temperature at normal levels, lubricates and cushions joints, protects your spinal cord, and removes waster through urination. Water has to be replaced anytime your body loses water through sweat or evaporation.

Are you getting these 5 nutrients every day? Leave a comment below!


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