Tips for Eating out Healthy

  1. Pick water or unsweetened teas to drink
  2. Opt for a salad and get dressing on the side
  3. Share a dish with someone – most restaurant plates are big enough for 2 to 3 people
  4. Customize your meal – put dressings on the side, remove any unnecessary toppings
  5. Pack snacks so you won’t buy unhealthy snacks
  6. Fill your plate with fruits and veggies instead of unnecessary carbs
  7. Look at the calories in their nutrition information online or on the menu
  8. Pass on “buffet” style restaurants
  9. Get whole grains if the option is available
  10. You don’t need to “clean the plate” eat until you are satisfied and stop

Click here to download a free pdf for more information on these 10 tips.

Check out ChooseMyPlate for more healthy tips and tricks!

Have any health or nutrition questions? Leave a comment below!

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