weight loss

Road to Fit | Week 3 (video)

Hello savages!

This video includes week 3 of my “Road to Fit” series. It includes:

  • Food I ate for the week
  • Advice about living a healthier lifestyle
  • Exercises I did for the week
  • Weight loss, body fat, and muscle mass
  • Weight training
  • Cardio Sessions
  • My life

Also, my birthday was March 21 and I turned the big 3 0! I am posting this video so late. Sorry ya’ll! I spent Thursday to Monday in Miami biiiitchhhhhh!!! Also I will be posting a blog about my trip to Miami, stay tuned!

Anyway, I recently started a “shredding” challenge for 8 weeks. We shall see how it goes. I have to work out 6x a week and have to do cardio 4x times which includes 2 low intensity sessions and 2 HIIT sessions! The first 2 weeks I did about 90% of the workouts. It is pretty intense and not for beginners.


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Any questions feel free to reach out below!

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