weight loss diaries

Weight Loss Diaries | Week 5| Part 2 (Video)

Hello savages,

I had been on my weight loss journey since January and I have lost an overall of 12 lbs. The weight loss diaries was 5 weeks and I lost a total of 6 lbs. I lost about a pound a day which is moderate weight loss. I could have pushed for more aggressive but I chose to not to do that.

I ate 1,300 calories a day for 5 weeks and had a cheat meal about once a week. I also did a lot of walking since I could not work out.

I have finally been cleared to work out by my surgeon and will start working out next week. I have to adjust my macros because I am going to be working out 3x times a week for now.

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I will be creating another series for my work out journey but I’m not sure what I will be calling it. Stay tuned!

  1. Thursday to Saturda
  2. What I eat
  3. How to eat in moderation
  4. Weight Loss results

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