The Petite Advantage Diet | Day 11-13 Weekend

Hey savages!

This weekend I had an engagement dinner gathering with my family and my fiancé’s family . I would call Saturday a cheat day because I ate whatever. I had a few drinks as well. Although this was my 1600 calorie day. I only had breakfast and dinner. I would say I went over 200 calories which isn’t horrible. I had both our families together and it was a great time.


Sometimes it’s okay to take some time off to enjoy being with your loved ones.That doesn’t give you the okay to cheat the rest of the weekend because you had 1 cheat day. Sunday I was back on it. I ate about 880 calories. I wasn’t that hungry and I had to stop eating due to my surgery Monday morning, but I guess you could say that evened out my weekend based on my macros. Also I lost a some more weight, I am 163.6.

I got a breast augmentation, meaning that I can’t really work out for 6 weeks. Per my surgeon’s instructions. He did say the surgery went REALLY well. Although I won’t be working out, I will still be doing by diet and eating as so. I will walk around if needed.

I will do a vlog and post about my breast augmentation coming up! Stay tuned for that, I have had a lot of interest on the surgery.

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Calories and food:

As you can see below, Saturday I went ham, but Sunday I made up for it.Myfitnesspal myfitnesspal

I posted a short video on YouTube for you guys. It kinda sucks just because it’s been a hectic weekend but I still wanted to keep you updated on the diet.

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That’s all for now savages, I will keep you updated on everything soon enough.

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