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The Petite Advantage Diet | Day 7

Hello savages!

Day 7 of the Petite Advantage Diet was Saturday. Instead of posting the same day for the diet I will be posting it the following morning on weekdays only.

As you all know, I have been doing Jim Kara’s Petite Advantage Diet my way. I am still eating 1,100 calories for 2 days straight followed by a day of 1,600 calories day.

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Calories and meals


As you can see, I have been doing horribly with the fat AGAIN. Hello Fresh probably needs better options without so much fat haha. A lot of the fat comes from the Hello Fresh meals that tell you to add a lot of fat. For example when the recipe calls for olive oil or butter, I just use cooking spray. It may look like I am eating more fat than I am but it’s actually me just inputting the calories and ingredients from the actual recipe without subtracting the fat from olive oil and butter. It looks like more, but I am thinking there is about 5 – 10 grams less than it shows.

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