Working Out On Your Period

Ladies, do you work out when you first get your period, or do you just want to Netflix and chill with a heating pad and snickers bar? I choose the latter for the most part. Usually when I start my cycle, my lower back hurts, I have cramps, I am irritable and I feel really weak. Of course, feeling all these makes you not want to work out at all. Sometimes I decide to work out when I first start my cycle and I actually feel way better after. The only thing that doesn’t really change is my lower back pain so I choose not to work out my back or do any exercises that with make my lower back sore. When I work out, my cramps take a back seat and my body forgets that it’s in pain because it’s pumping blood to the rest of my body when I exercise.  I am still weak, so I choose to do some cardio or do light weight when lifting. At the end of the day, I come home and feel better after I exercise, but I do feel weak. I usually sleep a little longer after my work out than most days.

How do you feel when you exercise on your period? What kind of workouts do you do? Or do you take off the week when you are on your period? Leave some comments and let me know.

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