That Old Saying, “New Year, New Me”

Over the course of 2 years, I have managed to gain 25 pounds. I have always been consistent at 140 pounds, but now I weight 165 pounds. Honestly I don’t really care about what the scale says, what I really care about is my health. Obviously the weight I have gained is not pure muscle. It’s mostly fat. And you know, it sucks. I am a pretty confident person as far as my abilities, but I have always struggled with my weight. I was called fat all my life, and always compared to my thinner sibling. I would not say I have a huge issue with the way I look, but I am not ecstatic about the way I look either. I have this pooch, that has never gone away for the life of me. But this year is different. I am going to continue to have the pooch but I do want to work on lowering my body fat percentage. I used to work out with my boyfriend religiously, then he fell off, and eventually I fell off. Shit happens right? But it is never too late to start all over. I don’t care about looking like some fitness model, all I care about is looking close to how I used to look at weighing max 140 pounds. The reason I started this blog was because of the story I just shared. We’re all human, and sometimes we fall, but we have to know that it is okay to get back up and start all over. It is never too late. I am plan on looking like the above picture, but better and stronger. So follow me on my fitness journey, where I will guarantee more work outs and more pictures. I won’t change who I am, yes, it’s a new year, but there will be no new me, I’ll just be better.

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