Abs are made in the kitchen.

I’m not saying don’t do crunches but I am saying in order for your abs to show you must eat healthy. You can’t feed your body fast food, too much red meat, and junk food. Your body needs nutrients not a bunch of crap. Your body does not do well with highly processed food. Some junk food and fast food have known carcinogens which means they can lead to cancer. I am not saying there is a high chance but I am saying that if you keep eating the same fast food there is a chance you will develop something in the long run. To get your abs you need steady healthy, natural food and daily exercise. You need to feed your body when it needs to be fed. 3 times a day 3 snacks in between. If you don’t eat this much at least, you are putting your body in starvation mode and those abs will not pop up if your body is holding on to fat because it’s starving.  Feed your body when it needs to be fed, take care of it, it’s the only body you will have!

Happy Hump Day!

1 thought on “Abs are made in the kitchen.”

  1. I firmly believe eating clean with no toxins whatsoever is the best way to stay clear of disease!

    Oh and don’t spend hours doing crunches, integrate the compound movements 😉


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