Legs and booty!!


Some today’s work outs that I got from @bellafalconi_fitness #bellafalconi and HIIT stairmaster.
1) Glute Bridge 4 sets of 20. For your booty and hamstrings
2) Step up with dumbbells 4 x 15 on each leg this works your whole lower body and core. Quads, glutes, quads, and calves you name it.
3) Wide Squat with Barbell 4 x 15 works glutes, thighs, and core.
4) Good Mornings 4 x 20 (start with no weight if youre a beginner. This works your hamstrings and lower back. Try em out!

If you don’t usually do the stairmaster like me start off with less intensity for the HIIT stairmaster I went up to speed 16 and almost fell so I suggest gradually going up. Go from 5 to 7, 8, 9, max 10. That’s what I did. I went by this picture.


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