Another Leg Day

Another Leg Day

Okay so today I did a combination of legs, abs and arms. I did more legs today because my legs were not that sore. I really want to build my legs up some more, so I am trying heavier weight and different types of leg work outs.
Today I did:
1) Arnold Press 3 x 15
2) Plate front raises 10lbs 3 x 15
3) Chest Press with leg extensions 3 x 20, then hold legs up for 30 seconds
4) Steps with knee 3 x 12
5) In and out squats no weight 3 x 20
6) Fast Body weight squat 3 x 20
7) Bulgarian Lunges 3 x 15 each leg (these work really good!)
8) Leg Press 3 x 15


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