Work out with a partner

Working out is very fulfilling but it can become easier and better to work out when you have someone right next to you working as hard as you and motivating you!


Holy quads and hams! If I am able to successfully hobble upstairs from my room to the kitchen tomorrow that will be a miracle. Today was one of those special workouts at my favorite gym, Total Fitzness, in my hometown. I got to work out with my very best fitness friend and training partner, Berenice, better known as ladyfit on instagram.


While I am away at school, I write my own workouts, get in the zone, and push myself as much as I can. At home, however, I get this unbelievable push from training with someone else. I can’t train with just anyone though. I need to workout with someone who is as motivated and eager to eat their post-workout meal as I am. This is why Berenice is literally my favorite person to train with. She has taught me nearly everything I know and I know that every workout…

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