What matters more the scale or your health?

What do you think? Starving your body so you can lose those 5 extra pounds or working out and eating right while your body starts looking better? I’d choose the second option. I absolutely hate when men and women say they like the way they look but they just want to get rid of those 5 more pounds. Why? How are losing 5 pounds on the scale going to work for you? Are you going to be faster, look better? Probably not. The problem with this scale misconception is that you can lose the fat and start looking leaner and healthier but you weigh the same! Now how does that happen you ask? Well its easy a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle.  The only difference is that muscle takes up less space, less volume. Fat takes up more space therefore you look bigger and for lack of a better word chunckier. So if you look at the scale you probably still weigh the same yet you look like you indeed have lost weight. You have lost the fat and gained muscle. Therefore it does not matter what the scale says!! It does not! Men and women need to stop looking at that thing like its some holy device. It is not! Ever since I started working out and eating right I don’t even look at the scale. I could see it in my body and I know I am getting healthier and fitter. It’s not about the scale it’s about how healthy you are. Do not starve your body, your body needs nutrients. Feed it. That’s what it’s made for. To be fed, to then fuel you and maintain you. Treat your body like your baby. Feed it, nourish it, pamper it, maintain it. Do not starve it!! Stop looking at the scale because it doesn’t always determine how healthy you are. It is about your health. Any questions?  Email me at plainandsimplyfit@gmail.com



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