Rest day is the worst day haha

I am making today my rest day. I have been working out every day for the past few days. Your body needs rest days, especially if you are starting to work out. You have to learn when your body needs rest. The longer you work out the more you will learn about your body.
Usually on rest days I try to eat the healthiest I can. I eat about 6 times a day. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between. On your rest day make sure you are eating your biggest meal in the morning,  and by big I don’t mean till you can’t eat, but a good portion. Eat all your fruits in the morning, Eating fruit at night is not bad but it is not the best. You want to eat your fruits in the day time or around your workouts. For my rest I make sure I have a healthy breakfast and smaller meals towards the day. Try to leave heavier foods such as beans, red potatoes or rice for lunch and at night have a protein shake or something like a salad. I don’t always follow this but like I said l am working on bettering myself as I go.


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